Edwards News

Jack Edwards came in the store yesterday. He’d been in Paris. Sid asked him what was up. “The movie people were over talking about the movie.”
Subject came up today when I mentioned to Sid I wondered when John Edwards would be putting out some confessional book. Politicians on the rise, and after the fall put out books. Elizabeth Edwards has had some book out. Publishers like these sorts of things as they tend to sell enough.
I imagine Mrs. Edwards agent has an interest in a movie deal. It is likely some movie will be made.
Jack is 10. He likes the store.
This is no great bit of writing, and little more than a rumor really, but it does make sense.
Would Kevin Costner play John Edwards? Who to cast for Elizabeth Edwards? Is the screenplay written?
I don’t know.
In a way though there is an arc of a story with insanity and tragedy enough for some TV Drama, TV Movie.
There are deaths, big money, desires for power. I’ll think about it.

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