Working Class Corner/Teaching

Working Class Corner/Teaching

By Russell Scortt Day

A great teacher friend of mine visited and I was caused again to think about teaching and whether or not I could be, or was a good teacher.  I sort of wish I had had the opportunity to teach more.  Both of my interns have done and are doing well professionally.  I taught, and signed off, and UNCG wouldn’t give me credit towards a degree.

While there was a woman involved even she saw the letter I got from NC School of the Arts in Winston Salem.  That letter said they wanted to interview me about my pitch for a job teaching practical filmmaking.

Fact is that as a technician it was the Boy Scouts of more value educationally than Film School.  -(I took Audio Visual Tech because I was a hard headed artist who only cared about knowing how to use the tools, for my own purposes.)

If nothing else I have had an interesting career, and interesting life.  Lived in the stratum accoss the board places in the US and Canada during the war, and North and South and political science studies work me to concieve or agree with ways to end Wage Slavery.

Only thing I can really think of is Whole Life Life Insurance, which is real ironic since one of the reasons my first wife and mother of my only child divorced me was that I did not become a New York Life Live Insurance Agent.

On one hand I am pefect for such work, but it is like how I am also perfect for advertising, but somehow don’t really fit in at a certain level.

I might by now be better at teaching, though really I was apparently alright far as my interns.

I do wonder about my influence on education and students.  Transcendian theory called for all schools to be called Flight Schools as all Transcendians ought to know how to fly, though some like me, just enough to have cred.

Wasn’t the main thing for William Faulkner to fly, but to know about it, and the crash and death of Dean given by William is real tragedy.

But I could not spend all my time teaching.  Got fired once for working on a commercial for three days instead of two.  My thesis as valuable regardless was that I was an experienced professional.

Work is wonderful when you get to do it with people that want to and are willing to learn from everyone on the crew.

I’ve acted crying on stage where you have to do it quick most the time.  I can always sound and look like I’m crying.  However for tears I might resort to the mentol spray, since I’m acting.

"Put power on both sides of the set as close as you can get it."

The Director of a Movie needs to know a wide variety of both technical things, and subjective truths, and have status with the actors.

This is one of the reasons I worked out as a Stand-up Comic.

Heckling problems are severe for the man on stage.

There is no other performance work where heckling is part of the deal, other than politics…

This is a significant truth to know.

Where was I?  Yeah I was wondering if I could be a good teacher.


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