things are better in China than they are in north korea.
Wish china would take North korea over.
Apparently n Korea is good at printing money.
The south Koreans are good at animation.
Overall the resolution is graffiti. Money and cartoons are the key to the Korean economy, as a whole.
fuck it. Plans are not to be implemented if they do not involve war.
Free Peace is not really free free, since in the US you can go to jail for lying.
In other words while the US is not perfect, you cannot tell lies and get away with it due to a conflict with the UK, then called England.
Then the King could kill or imprison you for saying things he didn’t like.
I consider this more important than taxation without representation.
the world according to the UN is fucked due to compromises over what free speech is about, and what women’s rights are to be afforded.
Lying is not to be afforded, rewarded.
Nor is cutting the clits off women to be tolerated.

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