Big Laws of Political Science

History and Political Science

      As Jared Diamond said it would be unethical to conduct the experiments that justify through emphisism History as science, malady but all the experiments that a scientist might think up to prove causes and effects among human beings, have been done without forethought, or by the hand of God, whichever way you want to see it, and that now if we understand the results of the experiments, we have the power to use the knowledge that is a natural set of actions that produce a situation to produce a civilization in the image of heavan as much as one man might imagine he was produced in the image of God as an individual.

      The ultimate goal of the creators of civilization must be to create a heavan on Earth must it not, or what other worthy goal is there?

       If we do nothing and have no vision, we essentially have hell.

       So What Are the Essential Laws of Political Science come from the experiments of History?

       There is an old African Proverb that goes,  "It is better to have an intelligent enemy, than a stupid friend."

       The first law of political science would seem to be that you must help your friends and destroy your enemies.

       The creation of the European Union is very interesting in that now I cannot imagine a European War in the near term.

      Who would you be able to convince the Netherlands to declare war on in the European Union?

       Now it is true that whomever you do the most business with you are most likely to go to war with.

       The Science of History and Political Science in my mind ought to supply understandings of both man made law, and natural law which simply exists whether we like it or not.

       God loves me, but I know the Devil loves me too.   They both want me.   What am I to do?

       Value your life is the first law of human science since it leads to value life  life co-currently.

       In outerspace life will be similar to what it has been on the open seas in the past and actually too much in the present.

       Life on land, and life at sea are two categories of human experience that have produced laws and acknowledge both natural and man made laws.

       To bring the freedoms of the two sets of laws that come from the two environments of mankind together would seem to me to be the wisest action for mankind to take internationally these days.

       Sailors pay in the Maritimes may well be a key to determining the International Minimum Wage, which in my opinion would be a triumph of Econmics which is a part of Political Science in my Curriculium.

       Money, Ideology, Compromise and Ego are the individual motivating factors as well as the group factors.

       Food God and Tools refine the motives more simply.

       Strength, Wisdom, Beauty and Humor are what we want in our mind experience, and it is only achievable if we have a life of working for peace, which is the same as working for shelter.

       Shelter is defense.

       The Earth has been shelter, but it may not always be so.

       So the first law is Defend, and the second law is, Escape, or evacuate.

       Now the trick about Human Beings is that they may know a destiny that is individual in a category, but end up working for the wrong employer so that their destiny is preverted.

       How to inspire all spirits to cleave to the most perfect ideals is the goal of the science of history, which are defined by civilization in an environment that is not possible without artificial means.

      So Atlantis must be created if we are to have some hopeful real life on this planet entertainment come from Political Science with volunteers.

       Well, we know that Machievelli said that a struggle with nature was not enough to make a nation.

       Then we know that we must start a war for people if we are to suceed and take the naming of wars from being on, to for, and redefine the parameters of war so that it can go on, but be useful, and become a servant of peace, as has always been the investment of the soul by the loving soldier, or tribal warrior.






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