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Generic Mayorial Platform in the History as Science Collection

      In a prior essay I speculated that Roman Emperors mostly functioned as Mayors, sickness though I conceded that I have not done any rigorous research and if there were mayors or their equvalents it would be interesting to know about them.

      However on the Macro, discount or Big level, buy which would be the entire Roman Empire the importance of plain infrastructure maintainance and advancement holds up as a legacy of success illustrating that at some point policies and politics were successful for what they provided the overall populace.

      The availablity of clean drinking water in Rome recommends it on a basic level.

      As a Defensive move clean drinking water qualifies as much as Army actions equavalent because the overall populace is stronger simply because they will suffer less disease.

       Defense is the universal First Responsiblity of a Nation or a Government and the forms defense takes are both prosaic and dramatic.

       Police work is generally considered more dramatic, or exciting than plumbing.   Plumbing failures are more commonly a source of humor, than failures of the police for instance.

       Of course the laws that govern plumbing are not man made, whereas the laws that direct police work are man made and may as a result become equivalent to something truly unnatural.

        I myself took it to heart when I heard in Sociology class that you could not legislate folkways.   Therefore as a practical matter as far as laws are concerned I would not make a law that prevented folkways, but only endorse laws that set parameters that basically were intended to keep the peace.

       Or in otherwords drug use is a folkway and it is not practical to attempt to stop it.   It is practical to regulate it, and tax it, and there are some recreational drugs such as Crack that not even an old potsmoking pilot poet believe ought to be available.

       As a Science Pragmatic Thinking is my goal here and I take responsiblity for my honesty on these issues which do said and signed according the to current rules prevent me from a pilot license issuance.

      As an issue I do feel that there is enough evidence about the effects of marijuana as as to not have the same regulation in Part 121 as alcohol use.

       -or in otherwords the doctors of the FAA ought to determine how long between joint and joystick is as safe as between "bottle and throttle", and that be the end of it as far as that.

      I only bring this up and go on about it because it represents and infrastructure of thought that ought to conform to the same sorts of laws that plumbing does, but too often does not for us to daily live without the threat of assault by either thugs or cops if we are so moderate of income as to have to live daily with both sets.

      In a good government only the real criminals are afraid to ask for the protection or aid of the police.

      As a base line working people need to feel comfortable asking for the protection and aide of the police.

      Stealing is not acceptable work.

      Much corruption results from laws that are counter to natural law which is represented by folkways.   Since people who deal in drugs are vulnerable without recourse to the Police, or the law, in defense of their stock, a steady level of violence is assured in the society that is evidence of something I would call impractical at the least and at some point evil when it is understood as producing greater harm than good.

       The Police are to be Peace Keepers, and laws that they are to enforce must be alined with that mission and all realities of human nature.

       So then on the Macro and Micro scales it is from the Micro that the Macro is led same as one mans voice and a speech determines the tide of history.

       It is fine to dream.   It is fine to believe that you are unique and that you know something that no-one else will ever know, and it may even be something practical.

       To share a fine life is "practical" and one must test your ideals and inspirations against whether they work or not.

      If one has a good platform it is one that first is concerned with providing from the government safe transportation corridors.

    When the police are trusted and looked on as protectors and not persecutors by the working people general domestic peace is raised to a great level that helps in the overall strength of the people and inspires loyality to the government and a greater willingness to help defend it.

      No moral issues will keep or ought to keep one in an office such as Mayor.

      A good Mayor makes sure the trash gets picked up and the lights are on, and the water is clean, and the cops keep the peace, and generally maintains and advances the infrastructure so well as to work for the Working Classes whose "Great Cause" is nothing but a chance to do the work they were born in their souls to do.

      Everything in the world rides on the backs of those that really do something to get their daily bread and a home.

       In a small town and a town the size of New York City, the same principles of correct governance and government apply.

       In both sorts of places infrastructure is vital.

       The infrastructure as real is plumbing and roads, but just as real in the rules of the road, that at their best do not concern themselves with private issues.



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