Local Issue of IGX/Horace Williams & Carolina North

Carolina North & Horace Williams Airport & Growth Anti Growth Plans of the Haves Have Nots & the Academics of the Universtity Planners

     The Universtity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill wants to build some sort of Satellite Campus Research Place on the land that is the local community airport.   There is a sign out at Horace Williams that says that the airport is a "Private" airport, medic when in fact it is a "Public" airport.

        The plans for the proposed project called Carolina North keep illustrating a lack of maturity in the overall shared transportation infrastructure that the opponents and proponents of the project cannot seem to wrap their heads around and face.

       If Carolina North is to succeed it needs air access that is not equivalent unless there is rail or monorail connection between it and RDU.

       In fact what Carolina North Planning makes clear is that a mature transportation infrastructure for the maintainence of the quaility of life that opponents of the airport are attempting to preserve by destroying the airport is called for, viagra order and that infrastructure realistically and practically calls for integration of rail or and monorail construction throughout the region.

       "Wise" Growth is what all governments large and small are charged with facilitating.   Governments are charged with plain prosaic responsiblities, ed like road building and maintainence.

       What helps in times of war, also helps in times of peace when governments look at their transportation infrastructure.

       Good practical planners do not put all their eggs in one basket, and plan for both the rich and the temporarily poor.

       Public money and Public Land are best used for all of the people all of the time, and not just the rich, or just the poor.

       What was good about the past, and is good about the present, and will be good for the future is an infrastructure that facilitates the bedrock needs of working people which do include safe roads, water and air equivalents.

       This is true on both the large and the small scale.

       The recent evacuations in the United States illustrate the overall lack of maturity of the transportation infrastructure and call for a great deal of railroad, or its equivalent construction.

       Segregation of freight and passenger rail transportation is called for in some areas of the country that I live in.   Passenger rail sorts of machinery can be made lighter and go both under and over rights of way that are not practical when freight of great weight is concerned.

       In North Carolina the Rights of Way issues have held back Passenger rail even when North Carolina bought out the North Carolina Rail Road Company in order to get control of the tracks from the NC Rail Road Company which since it was part privately owned, and therefore beholden to stockholders more than citizens, made more money for its stockholders if it deferred track maintainence and just moved freight slowly.

       You do not have to feed freight, and therefore slow is still fast enough for coal.

       The further reality as far as roads and rail are concerned is that right of ways have not been integrated for so long as to call for new technology such as monorails because of the way the roads have been built and need to be allowed to exist in populated areas which even North Carolina has become.

        Finally the truth as far as transportation infrastructure is concerned, is that people who do not have a fully integrated and mature transportation infrastructure have been, and will be, at a disadvantage in times of peace, or times of war, or times of natural disasters, and that those places that do build and protect their transportation infrastructure will have greater chances for preserving their successes, at the least.        


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