CIA/Working Class Corner Letter

CIA Letter/Working Class Corner

       I wrote a letter to the CIA on their site that I ended up on because I clicked it thinking I might see if they’d pay me as a consultant.

       I ended up thinking it would be nice if they would support UNTV as I have envisioned it.

       In the end I suggested that they let Ambassador Bolton know about what I have written about the Reinvention Points written by Andre` Lewin, that I have rewritten providing department names to execute the reforms he has wisely created.

       Other than that I pointed out that General War hurts the Working Classes regardless of their religious beliefs and practices and that if the United States really wants to win hearts and minds it needs to champion an International Minimum Wage.

       The letter I wrote was not possible for some reason for me to transmit over the CIA site, so I erased it and posted one sentence that said,  read    Then I wrote this short summation of what I wrote.

       If you are with the CIA, this letter is for you.

                                                             Best- Russell Scott Day

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