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         are what a nice day at all places throughout are about.

These modern times with spaceships and toilets and everything inbetween are awefully amazing.

The equivalent is a soul filled robot to an atom bomb.

Making a human out of nothing is possible for humans so that it is now possible for humans to pretend to be God and make a thinking robot.

So what you want to make is the ethical robot who is working to defeat the cooling of the universe by a combination of wormhole and time travel physically enabled blackhole submarines.

The carbon nanotube space elevator crawl ribbon powered by the laser to the solar cell panel attached to the lift is something Transcendia would spend a good deal of money on since infrastructure is everything.

It is obviously a workable thing if we can get the nanotubes longer than 4 inches in a timeframe that wins the war, shop which is about 21 months as far as I can tell.

The international working class conglomerate really does need to have a platform that makes all workers equal and recognizes that they can all be moved to where they are needed within 37 hours.

Corporations and Workers need to come to an International agreement that is based on a real inventory of the time tools and materials available for the common use that would maybe get humanity through the 21 months.

       A serious determination of an international minimum wage for honest work, shop ed from cleaning toilets to building rocket ships needs to be determined and endorsed by stockmarkets and the World Trade Organization and the World Bank and the UN and some other economies if the Working Classes are to get some respect for working and wondering, prostate which is what life is about more than actually being absolutely certain of knowing something except what was replicatible in an experiment which death as a certain end for all but one of us means that since the world is for us known to be finite and infinite only if we are willing to become round balls without bones over an infinity that cannot, or does not want to bother with gravity will our common soul survive in bodies.

      It is a weird goal, but a worthy goal to advance the physical life as a goal to confirm the spiritual life.

      The life of submarines and spaceships is a fundable edict for our destiny that would be better if there was a tv station on the Moon.

       Overall tv and radio and the movies do represent the potential of the pen, which is rumoured to be more powerful than the sword.

       Evidence in history would be the times that the pen has pushed the sword as greater than the times the sword has pushed the pen.

       I do suspect that it is 1 percent of the minds and hands that are the deciding factor at this and all times.

       Therefore I want the Electoral College to be abolished in the US, or the US to take up Parlimentary Democracy.

        The French and the Russians and the Chinese really ought to hire some Americans for there Rocket Program, and us Transcendians will put our money into Equador and Space Elevator Otis Company.

                                              Love- Russell

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