War/Working Class Corner

The rich people and the poor people rob and hurt and kill the working class people.

The meritocracy is about lost.

It is the result of hypocrisy and the drug war.

North Carolina is poor because they have laws people like Senator Helms passed or maintained, or worked for.

North Carolina is composed of some of the best real estate in the world.

It fails because it is xenophophic and racist and the evidence is the homage to Helms.

Jesse Helms is admired  for the same reasons Hitler is admired.

They used the media well.

They ran their offices well.

They made sure their supporters got laid and had better food than the opposition.

The other thing that Hitler did was compromise the dreams of the dreamers.

(Werner Von Braun ought really have spent the same time in prison as Albert Speer from what I know of the story of the V2.)

When I fell through the floor and landed on the concrete slab I was glad that I had cleaned it off and moved the compressor since if I had landed on the compressor as well as the concrete slab, if I had lived, it is very likely I would be very paralized.

Far as I am concerned work is dangerous enough.

I am agast that there were inventors that did not invent airplanes because they knew they would be used in warfare.

Albert Speer and Cheny remind me of symiotic relationships between Bush and Cheny and Speer and Hitler.

I spent some time with Fred Hampton the Black Panther who started what has turned into Head Start.

In this world at this time the workers need to unite across all artificial borders and the Workers Party really does need to be recreated internationally.

I am very diminished since Fred Hampton was murdered, and Lionel Douglas wrecked the motorcycle he was trying out.

The barbarians on the streets are a per capita reality no matter where you are anywhere in the world that is recreating the band jungle well dressed by Bush appointess to the Court.

Odd as hell that it all revolves around pot in Mexico and Afganistan.

Really it is odd as hell that getting high matters and makes such a difference.

Really I ought to do deep breathing excersises for an hour a day, but it would really be worse for the powers that be, than if they left me alone to smoke some pot.

The Canadian and Mexican Pot Growers are an interesting migration and illustrate the actual truth of what I am positing about the hypocrisies and stupidities and reality of what is raising up barbarism and helping to insure the failure of humanity.

It is very odd that little vices and pleasures are the pivots for the destruction of human hope.

Really tobacco is the worse thing I have gotten addicted to and I am sure that Jesse Helms is glad I got addicted to tobacco.

I am getting so I don’t like to eat pig meat though.

I am really getting so I don’t like the smell of North Carolina from Raleigh to the beach.

North Carolina has too many pigs.

There are a lot of places that suffer and support too many pigs.

                                                          Love- Russell

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