Russell Scott Day


         It is discovered in the dictionary I have that a Bureaucrat is typically regarded as negative.   They are officials in a Bureaucracy is the most neutral part of their definition.

        A Bureaucracy is government by central organization.

        It is a shame that Bureaucrats have not worked to improve their image and that they are so negatively defined in the Oxford Dictionary.

       When I started out this website I wrote that I knew that I needed good bureaucrats working for Transcendia, ampoule if it was to succeed.

        It was encouraging for me to read that Ban Ki-Moon was asking for the resignations of 30 top UN Bureaucrats after my go arounds with them over UNTV and my Weapons of Mass Destruction Art Event Proposal.

       My friend told me I was a barometer and I found it ironic that I had bought the domain name Bureacratica, which is the way it sounds to me and I am debating with myself about whether or not to put the site up with the name I own.

       My go arounds with the Bureaucrats of the UN had caused me to come up with Bureacratica and I got excited about it and bought the name and then thought about what sort of site it ought to be under that name.

        For Travelers a site that reported on the nature of national Bureaucracies would be of value.   It would also be of interest to spies and the intelligence community in general.

        You could argue in relationship to the War in Iraq, and the lack of power in the hands of Congress to control the Executive Branch that the US has become an inflexible Bureaucracy more than its intended Republic as a Democracy.

       Bush for all his Texas swagger may wake up one day and recognize himself as no more than a Bureaucrat in all of the most negative of its definitions.

       It ought to be that a cadre of Bureaucrats help their fellows do things in order so that the nation benefits from the efficiency of their efforts in a spirit of comradarie.

       This is the sort of Bureaucrat I would want to work for Transcendia, and I hope it is the sort of Bureaucrat Ban Ki-Moon has in mind for the UN.



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