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What I’ve Been Doing, or How I got a Hobby

     For some reason I got interested in making batteries and have discovered that some guy has made what he calls a nuclear battery.   It is just like a Duracell to his mind.   Comes in a stainless steel drum the size of a car, and when it’s used up, you just throw it in the landfill, or maybe better yet leave it with the other batteries at the landfill.

     I’ve gone so far with my hobby to dip into the toilet for some electrolyte when I ran out of acedic acid, or vinegar.   I’ve been cutting up strips of copper and tin from roofing materials left on the jobsites and putting wires on them and putting them in glass containers and seeing what my meter tells me they are putting out.

      My meter says I’ve got at least a volt, and near two on many of the bottles, vases, or jars, but I’ve not gotten any light bulb to burn from the alligator clips off the wires to those lamps yet.   -I’m depressed about it.

     Otherwise I haven’t been able to put pictures on Gamma Rays and send them through Wormholes either.

      I prayed about something the other day, but so far the prayer hasn’t been answered.  

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