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If I had the money I’d pay the proper University like maybe Empire State in NY which long has had an independent study degree program. You write it up and they approve it and then you do it and then they review it and then you get a degree.
At least that is what I understood last time I looked it all up. Empire State University used to be in a fantastically beautiful street in Rochester New York near off where we finally lived on Park Ave. Prince Street is still where the Visual Studies Workshop is housed, homed.
I tried for a show at the Visual Studies Workshop because I admired work by Nathan Lyons, but a friend of mine told me it was a pay to play situation they would apply to me.
I was embarrassed about the whole thing.
So much of my life I have been a dumbass about class and how if you don’t have or come from money people block you and get in your way.
But okay with Empire the deal then looked like it would take Five Thousand Dollars for me to pay and get them to read for my Degree in Creative Writing. A BA would do for lots of jobs.
So far that hasn’t worked out.
Then hence I am not allowed to teach. There are teachers who do teach without degrees and I did once make up a syllabus to teach photography and movie making at the Sibley’s Camera Store where I worked selling cameras. My girl who I regarded as my soulmate left me for the bosses son after some sex that made me look like a complete fool. I nearly killed myself and needed way too much help and left town and sat around drawing pictures with crayons till work came along as a carpenter and putting up roof rafters at the end scared me and my will to live was improved.
Somewhere I quit working at the store. I didn’t teach at the store. You would not have gotten credit. There are places where the courses are more recognized and credits are more transferable like how money is more fungible and some money is more fungible than other money.
A good Course for me to teach now would be titled: Who Are You? Get to know yourself. How to go from low class to high class.
These days I get fairly aware of things I did wrong and how I’m qualified as a walking warning. Watch out about what your mother or father told you you were. Watch out for all that. We hear about Destiny and it is a big deal.
The pursuit of happiness is a lot about pursuing self realizations that lead you to be at peace with who you are inside and outside. The book Class by Paul Fussell will be required reading in my class. You will do well as part of the Intelligentsia by reading the histories by Mr. Fussell, or anything he might have been known to read. I published my Reading List without any commentary on the original in about 2006.
For years now I just called myself Working Class. Writers are Working Class Mr. Fussell said, so I must be working class. I can be part of the Creative Class for inventing some things and inventing a business and having a business plan entirely dependent on R&D.
D and R is more appropriate for what it all is really about according to Henry Petroski, who is an Engineer and a writer.
I hate to call him Working Class.

This morning and evening and morning as I mentally prepare to write or make some visual art as the photographer or cartoonist I am, I was thinking about how Transcendia as a Nation of Airports had the great Educational advantage world wide with the Speed and Reach of airplanes and rocketships the right teacher can be allied to the right students and classes like an army learning and doing together all over.
I’m a big believer in peer to peer learning and teaching because of my flying time learning sessions. There is Embry Riddle and there is Guilford Technical Institute for place to learn professionally as a pilot and airport manager.
The classes for flying ought to really start at 13 like everything else. Child education as it is being beat up and poor people are being beat up in NC is a horror.
The effect will be more low class people. Ignorance and low class are the same thing really.
I think it must be the desire to keep back the ignorant working classes and keep them away and out of sight as is the dream of the people who own and run Orange County NC that insures NC will return to its status as a stupid turpentine production location.
Back at the being writers who traveled through NC from the big port cities on the coast always said NC was a filthy and stupid place.
I’ve lived across NC an NY and if NC had a great lake on its Western border there would be the same difference and the difference.
They have big landowners in Wilmington NC that play polo even I hear.
Enough, enough, enough for now.
I wrote a note saying Virgin offices could get Transcendian Passports and sell them and give me personally a cut. Otherwise it all has to go to bookstores bit by bit and one by one, my Citizenship Package.
Make yourself 2 or three so you can sell at least one you see.
Woodstock Nation was about making a nation from having a concert and a movie instead of a war. The Drug War is a real war all a part of the advertising of it.
I hate Heroin adventure movies because anything people see done they will do and every ten years Heroin is back!
Enough, Enough for now.

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I come from sailors and priests. My aim is to prevent apocalyptic riot, better known as nuclear war, when I was growing up. Creating a nation of airports will create the peace enough environment to prevent apocalyptic riot. I had a vision due to a period of boredom and bliss like the Aleph of Borges. That is the story I learned and was made up and happens.

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