Carolina North Transit Study

Carolina North Transit Study

       Finally the University and the Town have come to an understanding that will move all forward as far as Transportation issues and Carolina North are concerned.

       As a "consultant" that the "officials" are eager to find, click  what follows are my recommendations:

       First all concerned must get on the same page as far as the philosphy that most correctly practically is the basis for making decisions.

      I say that the building of Carolina North forces the acceptance of the need for a "Mature Transportation Infrastructure".

      Now the philosophical basis from which the design of this infrastructure is to flow comes from understanding who is to benefit most ideally.

      The institutions and the governments involved need to ask, check who really needs and consitantly uses public transportation, medicine mass transit.

       Infrastructure planning of the "Mature Transportation Infrastructure" ought to flow from how the population of those in the society who cannot drive, which are the young and the old most simply.

      Therefore as the "Consultant" I say link all of the Educational Institutions with a "Mature Transportation Infrastructure" first.

      On the Island of Manhattan I was able to get most anywhere within 20 to 40 minutes and of the places I have lived I consider its transportation infrastructure "Mature".

      Certainly it serves the young and old and rich and poor.

      One must recognize when planning public transportation that how long it takes to get from A to B competes with cars which too often win for citizens to abandon them.

       Trains have long been the most efficient way of getting people around.   Far as I am concerned Subways are Trains, and I also include Monorails in that mix.

       A total and fully "Mature Transportation Infrastucture" is composed of "Rights of Way" that have in them all transportation machinery appropriate to those "Rights of Way".

      So Second:   To Create a Plan that is appropriate to the Transportation Goal of serving all transportation needs based on the touchstone realities of who in the society is most fully dependent on that infrastructure get your map and overlay on it all existing publicly controlled and clearly owned by all of the people, the "Rights of Way".

       Then draw lines in those "Rights of Way" connections to all Educational institutions in your Vicinity and beyond.

       It is important to recognize that life itself is an educational experience and that that means that though I say, that the place to start in planning a "Mature Transportation Infrastructure" is to determine what "Rights of Way" exist that will link all of the local educational institutions, from that flows the need to link to educational institutions that are far away, and demands that the transportation infrastructure is complete as regards timely connections to the overall global transportation infrastructure which includes airways and seaways.

      The key to planning a "Mature Transportation Infrastructure", required locally for the realization of Carolina North as more than a boondoggle for builders is finding out from a study what the existing "Rights of Way" are, then what will fit in and on them, and then determining how fast they would be.

      After discovering these facts a sensible and practical plan could be made, and ought to be the point of the study.





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