The Iranians I knew in Fort Lauderdale were brothers who flew away and got jobs flying here in the US in 1980 or so.

     They were very funny guys.

     I hear that the Iranian President wrote the US President a letter.

     I heard the Secretary of State say that the letter was no good.

     Last week a guy from the Small Business Administration said my Business Plan was not acceptable and confusing.

     I am supposed to look up the rules and rewrite it with an emphasis on the Executive Summary.

     Now when I get confusing or insulting letters I first thank people for writing me, buy then I state what I understood of the letter, and then I answer the letter according to what I understand they want an answer to.

     There is some honor to answering in kind.

     If you get a phone call, have a phone conversation.

     If you get a letter, write a letter back.

     As a diplomatic criticism of the US President and the Secretary of State, my criticism is that they should have just written a letter in response and made that letter as available to read as the letter they were sent.

     Bad manners are hard to legislate.

     To win the War on Terror good manners would go a long way.

     "The Whole World Is Watching!" is a chant I remember from some Viet Nam War Protest I attended in Chicago.

      All this talk of winning hearts and minds is what reminds me of Viet Nam.

      I would be stupid to say as a leader of a nation that I would give up the weapons that protect my people.

      So I understand why leaders of nations that feel that the nuclear weapons they possess cannot be given up since they believe that those weapons protect their people.

      The history of the Cold War and Atom Weapons recommends having Nuclear Weapons, up to a point.

      I so much wanted Russia to become a State like Texas at the supposed end of the cold war.   It really would have made things nicer for us working class people.

     Now things are really out of control, and working class people really need to object to any nation having nuclear weapons since working class people have to work where there is work regardless of their citizenship and will be in harms way regardless of their citizenship and have a right to demand that the risk be reduced.

    The logic for the war on Iraq would actually justify a war on the US since it was predicated on whether or not Iraq had "Weapons of Mass Destruction", when in fact, the US has "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

      I might turn around and watch an episode of Star Trek and imagine when Earth became a State.

      It is called for, and the concept of the United Nations needs to be realized real quick if workers are to secure their workplaces.

      Taking Nuclear Weapons out of the mix and manners of war needs to be done.

      Time is definitely running out for there are bad mannered people in power with control of very powerful weapons.



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