More Bombs To Come

More Bombs To Come

       It was fun to set off bombs for movies and tv shows since it was controlled and a spectacle.   We made sure it wouldn’t hurt us or the camera, or the cameraman.

      You could feel the heat roll across you.

      I put plexiglass infront of the camera, and gave the DP a sandbag to put between his legs.

      Loving life and loving death are the two loves of cultures and Tolstoy wrote about Masons with a screw loose.

      I declare War on Atomic Weapons as a Working Class Guy.

      Help me get an Art Show in the UN as a battlefront.

      Enlist your art in the mission of elimanating big bombs from our working class lives.

                                                                                                     Russell Scott Day

301 Pleasant Dr.

Carrboro, NC 27510




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