Invading Workers

Live Where You Have A Job

     Is the reality for the working classes who are an international group only separated by language as far as I can tell.

      For the working classes, such as myself, it is a drag for me that I may well not be allowed to work in another country where the work has gone that I know how to do.

      There is only so much I know how to do at 53.

      I’ve "retrained" so much and many times in my life to be pissed off at being sold out.

      Mexico as a nation issues Birth Certificates and Passports and the like as far as I know.

      My solution to the problem of the "illegial immigrant Mexican, etc." would be that they could work with the ID of issue in the US, and taxes would be divied up between the nations they were working in, and the nation they were a citizen of, so as to pay for their shared security and defense.

      It is time for workers to determine what the International Minimum Wage is, and it is time for workers to demand that the nations they happen to have been born into provide them the same protections given to international corporations.

      Workers are foolish to buy citizenship in nations and their governments that do not respect their right to a living wage.

      The UN is a bit of a failure for its failure so far to set a minimum wage internationally fair between the corporations and the workers and the nations.

      Money is a great work of conceptual art and it needs to have the same value overall in the world for workers if we are to thread the needle as a species on a strange gift from the God of Visions.


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