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Since I was forced to face that philosophically anarchy and conservativism had certain tenets pivotally in common, I have had to find where it is that I feel strong disagreement with the current President of the United States.

In fist fights I knew that I was not a very schooled fighter, but fought a good deal, had to hit the other guy in the face real hard when I could see in his eyes that he was going to do it to me.

So even the doctrine of preemptive strike as ultimately defensive makes sense to me.

In a difficult world filled with violence there are certain realities where I understand a common ground that I operate within even with my enemies.

As a poet and a man I know there is such a thing as fighting words.

The time before the last time I punched a guy out, that guy had threatened my life once, and then came back twenty minutes later and threatened to kill me again.

I started punching him then since I am a grown man and he was a grown man, and I don’t go around threatening to kill people without meaning it, more than once myself.

I have said that I wanted to kill someone once in the heat of passion, but I went away and decided against it.

I never got a motorcycle or a gun till I was in my forties since I suspected that I was not grown up sufficiently to have such things in my kit.

Now I did write a poem in which I said that I ought to have shot some people, but I only wanted to shoot them because my girlfriend had had sex with them, and this is not really a good reason to shoot someone.

I did decide that it was acceptable for me to cause a guy that has taken my wife without permission from me to lose money if that is at all in my power to cause.

Wife in this case and up to the understand of what is civil is used in the general old english way since men sometimes feel that a woman is theirs and a wife when the woman does not entirely agree.

So the only way Transcendian thinking may reconcile itself with the thinking in common it has with the current image of Conservativism that is destoying the lives and hopes of working class people who it has built its power on and who it is abandoning egotistically to make themselves into aristocrats is to emphasize the art of living which typically there is no time for in the American landscape unless you steal it.

After work today I drank a beer and smoked a joint and sat in the car and looked at all the beauty around me. The temperture was perfect. The humidity was perfect. The light of the sun on the trees and the field and the road and all around me was beauty, a messy Southern beauty, but beauty all the same because of the perfect light of the Sun.

The world we live in is a found art even if it is not a made art and we have moments of joy that we love to share that ought not be destroyed by beliefs.

I want all of my ideas to do no harm as if I was a Doctor of Philosophy.

What are the best ideas?

A painter I knew once said that she considered painting the happiest art. This makes sense to me because I have suffered some from some of the things I have written even when I was making art out of words.

Of human value the ideas that are the shared conscious infrastructure of port cities seem to me to be the best ideas in that they enable the port to function.

Tolerance and manners are necessary for the port to function.

It is bad manners to break a contract or fail on a debt without a good reason.

In the case of the starvation of the poor Irish by the landlord English the English who were owed money for rent created a very long term conflict by not accepting that the potato blight had created a situation that ought to have been reason enough for at the least rent relief.

And even though the Irish do not like routine and are not quite like the English the Irish and English had in common a belief in the rules, and good manners, and they as a twosome in conflict, are not generally bureacratically corrupt.

Corruption of the common offices of the states of Africa and many South American countries and much of the former Soviet nations destroys the lives and hopes of too many working class people.

Corruption is endemic and shows itself at the top as Kleptocracies. The current anarchy of the United States is teetering on becoming a fully realized Kleptocracy when you see the continued looting of Corporations by executives that have somehow found themselves in positions of irresistable temptations for the indulgence of infinite greed.

There is an art to living and when Ben Franklin knew he had all he needed and was secure he gave a stove design away.

It is significant that Ben Franklin was a secularist when it came to the government, but enjoyed a good sermon and reported he gave more money to the church when he liked the sermon.
A good sermon informs the heart and the mind but one must keep in mind that there is more than one preacher and a multitude of sermons that even they may give.

Really we don’t need God to know that the Ten Commandants and the Golden Rule are good tenents to observe in our everyday actions.

As far as homosexuality is concerned, or drug use I think that the idea that one ought to do undo others as you would have done to you trumps any morality created or found in writings that come from fear of the different.

I have discovered over time and the length of my life that I was not entirely who I thought I was and had to tolerate the person who I really was. This helps me enjoy my neighbors as well as myself.

So I have come to believe that right now it is a good time to determine what the international minimum wage ought to be that recognizes the end of hunter gatherer life and the end of bands and pushes forward with the fully realized concepts of civilization as has experimentally existed.

I think that all off the book capitalism must end at the same time that we recognize what has happened.

We have made the world very small by overpopulating it so much that we will disable it.

What I want to enable is a regular amount of joy and suffering for all the human bodies to succeed as soul vessals, without undo suffering.
This means I must encourage practical ideas, and nuclear weapons are not practical in my world.

Love – Russell

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