Good Government

Would seem to me that the Bush Administration and the Republicans in general are in league with corrupt businessmen who they further want to empower with less regulation and more access to the commons across every bridge from oil in Alaska to retirement and disablity insurance under the name of Social Security.

And that is just in the United States.

Then on the other hand while they speak of the need for less government, treatment they advance as far as they can go in eroding the rights to privacy in your own home.

The best governments whether Socialist or Democratic or Monarchy or Anarchistic or whatever, even Theocratic, are the ones that protect the rights of the minorities as well as they do the majorities.

What the Founding Fathers really meant when they promulagated into the culture and mental landscape of the United States by separation of church and state, was a separation of ethics and morality in the commons since they recognized that morally or religiously based precepts for actions had the potential to cause undo and regrettable harm to innocents, such as witches.

Working Class people generally understand fair play, pulling their weight on the job is a source of pride that gives an honest working man honor enough.

The people in power in the United States have a history of taking advantage of working people by exploiting their fears and prejudices.

People in the United States are digging themselves into a hole by allowing themselves to be manipulated by fear and loathing because they have been adverstised into terminal confusion by well dress professional liars.

I wonder what the Right Wing position is on the marriage rights of Hermaphrodites?

Best- Russell

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