Anarchy & Conservatism

Anarchy & Conservatism are similar but full understanding and committment are needed for either to work for the greater good. Otherwise corruptions set in and there is no unity between the rhetoric and the reality.
I wish that they had had a law course for me to take when I was in High School.
Overall it would seem that universally there ought to be a course in international law in all of the schools since overall civilization depends on understood laws and manners and near about anyone may now end up traveling all over the world, medic if not into outerspace.
Somewhere in the work I have done in cyberspace, establishing the space of Transcendia I did attempt to write an Opinion as if I was a Judge on the Supreme Court.
I read the Geneva Conventions on the Yale Avalon Law Project and wrote my Opinion according to the law, as I understood it, in relation to “Detainees” imprisioned at Gantanamo on the island of Cuba.
In the end I determined according to the law as I understood it, it is a fiction that Gantanimo is not under the sovereign power and control of the United States, and that makes the operation of the prison and the treatment of the prisoners, illegial under both international law, and the laws of the United States.
In the case of a beautiful woman we will buy many a lie.
Power will do all it can to turn a lie into a truth when its existence is threatened.
The lesson of the movie The Battle of Algiers seems to have been taken by the Bush administration as the necessity of torture.
I thought that the lesson of the movie was that you are doomed to fail in fighting with that ideology in any way that is historically usual. Or in other words the power of the Theocracy of Islam will overcome weapons of any sort.
Now myself, as a Theologian coming from Priests and Sailors, and the experiences of a Working Class Man have offered to argue sermons from my point of view, with anyone, and most perfectly my greatest enemies, who are those who want to kill me because of where I live, and the citizenship I hold.
Of course I am aware that my citizenship is tenuous since I like to smoke pot, and do not consider it unethical for me to do so, and am likely to have enough to satisfy my needs for two weeks or so at a time.
I particularly like to smoke hashish which came from Lebanon, Afganistan, and Nepal when I was able to buy it when I lived in Canada.
If the International Community by the Laws of the United Nations was to reform International Drug Laws so as to allow Marijuana and all its derivatives, such as Hashish as Legal for international commerce, at least as far as the United Nations was concerned, it would do a lot to diminish any interest in narcotics such as cocaine and heroin, which are nearly as addictive as tobacco.
Ethically this would be a good thing which would also in gradient improve the general morality we attempt to share, and sometimes feel compelled to violently assert as a right worth dying for.
Let me say that I do recognize that smoking pot or cigarettes or drinking or gambling are adult vices. There have even been a couple of times in my life when I had sex that was paid for.
There have also been times when I have paid to talk to a Psychiatrist.
I am absolutely certain that I have paid more to talk to people than I have upfront paid for sex, though my first divorce may have worked out to cost more, which will be all right if my daughter ends up respecting the overall decisions and legacy I live with or leave.
The most simple thing that the United Nations could do to increase the prospects of its success would be to work to enforce with real power the equality of women internationally.
Some of my experience has been as a man who was a mother too.
Wherever women are denied education, or mutilated, subjugated, raped or murdered as part of the life that is supposedly right and a fate they ought to accept because of a morality, ethics must be recognized internationally as a trump over that morality.
This is why the Flag of the United Nations ought to become more common.
Frankly I think it needs more color.
Love -Russell

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