Postcard of Bleakness

Used to be that you could find all of the Transcendian writings that were written for, and then republished on by doing an advanced search of Transcendian War Commentary.
I unfortunately didn’t transfer all of the writings that were there to, and now it may be lost, or only on one paper copy here in the house we rent.
In the meantime I have read two books by Jared Diamond in the past month and things are bleak.
I listened to the radio as well.
Things are bleak.
I wrote a postcard to President Bush because he has a good deal of power, and postcards are most sensible in the age of envelope murderous microbe assaults.
My postcard said that if John Bolton would endorse the French UN Association points for re- invention of the UN all reasonable objections to his confirmation would be removed.
I reccommended that Jared Diamond be asked if according to the Science of History, he would agree, as a second opinion.
In the meantime I am sad that my work that used to be available has disappeared.
It would be interesting to me if one of my readers would through the I Ching and read the Reading of the day, and write a condensation of the readings for inclusion in the website,

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