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There is a conflict between shared property and private property that must be resolved not only to level the playing field for the working classes, but to also simply save the field for all classes.

Air and Water are the basis of the commons.

An inventory, and accounting, and determination of what the full value of any service or manufactured good is required recognizing the private enterprise draw on the commons so that all will have clean water and air.

Hope for mankind rests on an end to off book accounting.

Where nations are cursed with corrupt and weak governments that do not secure even private rights for their citizens, the commons are exploited so much so that a terrible end for all is insured.

The trend that is assaulting the island where coexist Hatiti and the Dominican Republic that Jared Diamond points to as an allegory of the international community as a whole would seem to call for evacuation of Hatiti.

Some lands may be so damaged that they must be allowed to heal and the healing may factually dictate evacuation of the humanity which has innate needs the same as a light or a motor that in order to run pulls a fixed amount of current that will overload and overheat and blow the circuit if it is not pulled off the circuit.

My working class intuition is that it is the responsiblity of The World Bank to make loans and policies based on the full accounting of both the public and private property.

The innate individual draws on the international circuit would seem to me to be possible to calculate against the public sphere and a pro-rated international minimum wage to therefore be possible to determine.

The repeated pledges of compassionate capitalism by American Republican administrations are not compassionate in reality as long as so many American Workers are without health insurance that enables preventative healthcare.

Will the US become the same as Mexico for workers, or like Canada?

Workers are harmed by degrees and worn down and thrown away by the empowered aristocrats who manipulate the self hatred of the working classes who buy hope that is a chimera in the hands of the self interested who change the rules and the laws as benefits themselves and their families regardless of the eventual outcome for all.

In essense the rich say to themselves,

 "At least I’ll be among the last to die."

Apparently that is the story of Iceland.

Trends of Genocidal war, confirm for me the Apocalyptic Riot as more and more general.

To reverse this trend calls for Pragmatism that has as its goal, at the minimum, maintainace of the commons.

The Spiritual and Scientific approach to our unique time in history when we have transformed our planet into an island in the sea of the Universe must face and then love our knowledge of our prediciment as some love death in order to love life.

In science is salvation if the science of history is included in the basis for the experiment that has a goal.

There is the found and the invented, and though they are really the same on one level, the inventions that are found are needed and found most perfectly at the same time.

This would be syncronicity, which was an interesting song by The Police and Sting.

The prospect of Space Elevators does seem to me to be a very pragmatic approach to the needs of humanity for clean energy, as well as a bridge to the prospecting of the Solar System.

I believe that this is the only pragmatic way to face the flaws of the situation for humanity in a capitalist system that needs to offer the potential of 100 percent employment and 100 percent supply of the minimum needs of a First World Citizen and Soul.

I think now of Tom Builder in Pillars of the Earth by Ludlum, and wish that the world would be a Cathedral.

Ending Corporate mechanizations of nations and laws that enable thieft of the required natural infrastructure will take some work that I will need help in accomplishing, both and thrice in means, thought, and actions.

Please think and act with the goal of causing a reform and reinvention of the institutions and the international laws so that neither national capitalism, or corporate, or private is allowed to diminish the commons without at the least an accounting of the true cost and its meaning.

I feel the spirits out there that want to live in a body like mine, and it is my duty to work to maintain the prospect, which depends on true thought and actions in sync.



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