Article 99 And Secret Negotiations

Article 99 and Secret Negotiations

French UN Association Points for Reinvention of the United Nations includes the recommendation that the Secretary General more often and systmatically present before the Security Council, threats to International Peace.

This is Article 99.

From what I have read of Andre` Lewin’s Points this Article 99 and the subsequent Point I have named them  Blacked Out Security Council Consensus Meetings, these suggestions touch on Presidential Executive Powers and a virtual Cabinet for the World.

For this system to be most effective and acceptable to the entire World Community there must be a strong component of International Law represented in any secret meetings, for which the strong point is made that in such Blacked Out meetings, the representatives of the nations may feel a touch more free to pusue the common goal of International Peace, instead of a National Agenda, that desired war.

In such a Blacked Out meeting with far reaching implications for so many people I would want to know that the greatest minds of International Law where in the room and at the table to advise all parties on the legality of what they are privately contemplating.

The Civil Society Consultant Group composed of Nobel Prize Winners, Leading Academics, Labor Leaders, Poets, Pilots, Philosopers and actually anyone who for one reason or another is somehow recognizable as worthy to be listened to due simply to the power of their vision independent of general status or wealth would present the prospect of advancing interest and loyality towards the UN by offering a more fully palpable feeling of International Citizenship transcendant of National Origins.

Of course I am very interested in being a member of the Civil Society Consultant Group of the United Nations and strongly endorse this Point without any reservations since it is clearly a move towards what I consider true Anarchy and would be a good balance for any secretive systems such as the previously discussed Blacked Out Security Council Situation Sessions.

For such a group within the UN to have a vote equal to Security Council Members would make the United Nations more truely representative of all peoples and constitute a sort of Senate.

So what really is the best order for the implementation and use of these points, which are basically orientated towards Crisis Management?

As the population grows, or contracts due to disease, war, or acts of God, there will be constant predictable trends alongside of surprises both good and bad.

What we as Internationists want to encourge are positive trends and a system for Crisis Management that insures and elevates the human experience. Free Speech and a Free Press have a piviotal role in the prospect of sucess for they are the basis for common understanding of problems and crises.

Fairness and justice for all is not an impossiblity, but it is dependent to a very great degree on objective truth. This is why I have pushed hard for a more universally available United Nations Television Network.

The role of television as a powerful tool of governments either officially operated or unoffically operating obviously has the power to stop or start wars. It is one thing to undertake a war of domination, and another to undertake a war of defense. What we are moving slowly towards are wars that are entirely defensive.

According to International Law, aggressive wars are illegial. The characterization in the Media of a War as defensive may be successful even if the war is in actuality aggressive.

Without a base of objective truth abroad in the World, it will continue to be the case that more wars than are necessary to secure justice for all will occur.

It is obvious that the United Nations has a baseline of value that runs as a bureacracy independent, and powerfully working to the benefit of many defenseless peoples.

The leadership of this bureacracy is in disarray, and needs repair if the overall mechanism is to succeed.

In all great law, it is the spirit of the law that is more valuable than the law, as it is written, for there are always flaws in what is written down, but never a flaw in the right spirit.

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