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The great General Ulysees S. Grant reacted to bad news with a new order that was directed to the problem, erectile and not at who or what had caused it.
The Vatican policies that have influenced the policies of the US and Spain have created the problems we have that we must not blame them for since we are them and they are us and all of us are on the same bus.
The sensible thing for us to do is to accept and identify the problems of over population and pragmatically react to the problems regardless of who or what is to blame.
The major threat to humanity is actually atomic bombs and asteroids.
We can get rid of nuclear weapons, viagra but we must steer or get out of the way of asteroids.
My point is that we have control of only so much and it is an impossiblity for humanity to elimanate the asteroids, pills whereas it is a possiblity for mankind to eliminate nuclear weapons.
Best overall plan for humanity is to build down Space Elevators that Bridge to the Moon and Mars and Venus as if all of Humanity was Holland under Sea Level.
I imagine Spain and The Netherlands leading from the EU on this agendia.
Love, Russell

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