Lets Test All the Nuclear Bombs

Lets Test the Bombs


There are a good deal of nuclear weapons that are getting old and then there are some new ones and we need to test them to see if they work.

What we will get after these tests will be a good deal of ruined land.

 The US and China and Russia have ruined land that is suitable for nuclear bomb tests and if we are going to resume nuclear bomb tests the test would best be done on land that has already been ruined forever already.

 Therefore I suggest that the North Korean Nuclear Bomb test be done in the United States outside Las Vegas somewhere where the United States had a long term testing place for such bombs.

 As poor as North Korea is in terms of agriculture, clinic and in light of the destruction that is wrought by nuclear bombs on the land, it is absolutely counter productive for North Korea to set off a nuclear bomb on their own soil.

 The declaration of the need to test the nuclear weapon on their own soil is really nothing more than a declaration of war since bombing yourself is more stupid than suicide.

Well- bombing yourself is suicide and the statements of North Korea are like agressive suicide and might call for something similar to what is called suicide by cop.

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