General Report of Scholarship

The course of my study has been to determine how humanity can avoid apocalyptic riot, and see or see and meet people from outerspace.
It is certain that as a general species those people will have eyes.
I have always thought that the Radio Telescope searching for pi was a bit stupid in light of the development of television.
If the Vatican had a Space Program I would think better of it for it is certain that crowded people without enough food kill each other and then eat each other.
If infact the Vatican is a nation, a country, independent and singular, when it unites with the Anglicans and ends the propulsion toward pedophilia inherent in its disrespect of the equality of women, and then implied desirablity of young boys coupled with the subservience of Nuns who become wives for the normal men, a more practical theological position will emerge that acknowledges that a quality of life for the soul in the physical body enables the heroism of the soul and the light of the soul as a gift from the understanding ancestors who have felt the light of God.
The implication of passionate theology is that there is a possiblity of heavan on earth, at least among my passions.
I am not interested in making a theology that has no hope of providing at least moments of heaven in the life that is finite by all common evidence.
I have shared the joy of God in public and in private, and it has been a blessing and an education and an inspiration and ruined my atheism.
In public it was when I was dancing that I shared the joy of God, and in private it was when I was having sex with certain women.
So, what is it that I know?
Oddly enough I know what I knew, which was that in science is salvation.
Because Transcendia did not gain adherents as soon as I wanted it to, I begged off and tried to rewrite it, but I have come back to understanding that for the most part I was correct before the rewrites because they were blunt.
Now Jared Diamond has written as important a work of science as Einstien.
I of course say that because I had put on my first dollar bills that I drew for paper money the words where on the US Dollar you might find “In God We Trust”, “Though Science Salvation”.
Jared Diamond tells the stories of human experiments.
I get the feeling that everytime the Catholic Church shows up more people on the island are born, but more of them suffer or cause suffering than would have if they had not been convinced to make their decisions without basis on the realities of where they lived, and the food available.
The spirit world is infinite.
The Earth is not.
Now I myself do not like abortion or infanticide. I have broken up with women I loved and liked over abortions, but always accepted it as their right.
I do not think that I could do infanticide and am glad that I have been spared from such decisions. On some islands that have apparently survived in the South Pacific for very long periods, such decisions were made.
The spirits who desire to have identity knock at the door of this life and more of them will get this life they want for the marking of their souls and the creation of their identity for eternity, if we do not destroy ourselves.
This is why the Catholic Church ought to endorse contraception.
It is ethical and moral in my view not to create a problem, when you don’t have to.
I like myself when I am pro-actively ethical and moral and though I have been assaulted verbally as odd for indentifying myself as a Boy Scout at this late stage in my life, I know that character is learned and I am proud to attempt to always Be Prepared.
Love, Russell

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