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Around here in Chapel Hill and Carrboro where I actually live the University is attempting to take over the airport and change it into a satellite campus reasearch thing.

       I have worked to find a win win solution to their project, and keep an airport  of an appropriate size here.     It would be a terrible transcendian failure if I cannot save the airport in the community that I live in.

        What I am charged with doing is making these academics accept the bald and practical facts regarding infrastructure.

         It is certain that an airport is of practical value to all of the people.    It is also certain that a school and universities and colleges are of practical value to all of the people.

         The architects and builders who seek to destroy  the airport must be ashamed of themselves for they ought to have been educated well enough to know that eternal cities are ports, and a port provides more security than a school.

         In fact it is very disturbing for Academics to undertake destruction of any of the commonly shared infrastructure.    The University would obviously not be given the intersection of 54 and Manning Drive to expand their campus since the intersection is vital for both them, and everyone else who lives in the area.

        What makes the airport different?

        It would appear that the image of the impractical Ivory Tower stereotype has more validity than I would prefer.   What the hell do they teach over there?

        Isn’t it obvious that though it is wonderful to have the time to read books and look at pictures go to parties or watch and play games, there are things that enable that are in increasingly shorter and shorter supply.

        The armies of Rome where successful because of their engineers and road builders.   We’d all be speaking French if Napolean had had a Navy and done as well with that as he did with land warfare.   My point is that what is useful and necessary  for sucess in war, is necessary in peace as well. 

         Every community large and small needs to suceed as a port to the extent that its land will allow.

         In this time of changing climate, powers, and engines of economy, quick response is required, and aircraft are quick.     The movie Spirit of St. Louis has a scene in it that I feel the town, and the University need to watch before they destroy the airport.

         The win win resolution for all concerned must  include an airport if it is to be practical, which is all I want from my government.

                                                                                     Love, Russell     

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