Why Does Mexico Compel Immigration to the US?

The Spanish decendent aristocracy of Mexico says that the worst thing about Mexico is the Mexicans.

The working class of the United States is geographically stuck between the Canadians and the Mexicans.

For the working class of US Citizens the best program independent of nations would be to pay for all illegial immigrants transit to Canada.
In fact it would be wise for Canada and the United States and Mexico to become one nation so that the economic power of China would be obviated as it would have been if Russia had become a State and gotten some contract law.
Transcendians who are investing in land would be wise and recognize the insights of their poor but humorous leader by buying port land in Equador.

Times are tough.

Treatment of labor in Mexico needs to be improved.

Mexicans are disarmed.

We need to get the NRA to help legalize weaponry in Mexico to expand the markets for gun makers at the same time we encourage the Mexican Government to pay for the education of their people who are living in our country.

If the Mexican government was to make having a gun legal if you are a regular person and then tax that and use the money for education of their citizens who they seem to want to leave for greater access to money and work and guns it would threaten to educate peasants and at the same time give them the power that people pay attention to.

This is a weird and true thought.

I bought a nail gun that fires nails into wood powered by gas and electricity this month since I work building houses.

I told the children that live next door that if Jesus was alive today he would be a Rocket Scientist.

Carpentry was the height of technology when Jesus was a carpenter.

Rocket science and space elevator for passive power collection is the height of technology now.

Dinner is ready. My wife calls me to the table. I cannot think about these things anymore today.

Help me.

Thanks, doctor Russell


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