Constabulary Required

Peace Means Police/Constabulary Required

     Working people who are sensible enough not to believe in anything or anybody too much do deserve general protection regardless of governmental philosophies.

       "A Good King Is a Good thing, ambulance Tried and True, and Nothing New." -for instance.   My point is that Democracy is not necessarily perfect at all times and for all cultures and environments.

      The conflicts and culture of Iraq have turned into an extreme experiment and the Democrats, as well as the Republicans do need to turn together to International bodies for help.

      The lesson of the experimental war in Iraq is that it is true that Peace Means Police, but those Police may be corrupt with private agendas so far as recruited from the indigenious populace.

      The US is in the position of desperately needing to abandon a uinlateral approach to its attempts to win the war in Iraq.

      I think in the hearts of the people they feel this, but have no focused leader asking plainly for proper help from the right quarters.

      We would hope and expect that the UN was the right quarter, but it is very flawed as far as force is concerned.

      It is time regardless of anyones national alliegances that nations create a Constabulary that protects the working classes when a war is declared, or understood as won.

     Saddam Hussain was captured and as far as winning at Chess that qualifies as a win.

     It would have been better for us of the working classes in the US and Iraq if at that time the US Armed Forces Personnel were pulled out and the International Constabulary Forces were put in.

     Since there is no International Constabulary Force, this did not happen.

     If we are lucky there will be other wars won and lost.

     This latest war would be a good war if it produced a Constabulary now proven to be needed to solve the problem and reduce the level of permanent war, which has so far been the history of mankind regardless of the slight possiblity that its event as fullblown could be ended.

                                                                     Scott Day

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