Painting/the Happiest Art

Went to an Art Show last night with my wife and I tried to stand up straight.

Didn’t stay out too late.   I want to show my paintings.

Arelene, the artist was at the show and if I had money for such things I would commission her for a Portrait after talking with her.

Years ago when I was on scholarship in Bloomfield Hills Michigan with of a sudden what would be generally known as "rich kids", I think Hillerary Burnett said that painting was the happiest art.

I’ve been going through one of my worst depression periods ever.

I made a few paintings.   I made them on steel.   They did make me feel better.   They are hard to move around though.

I am sort of a hard head.

If I had a rock band, or some sort of musical band, the name of it would be The Hard Head Club.

There is a good deal of anger in me about injustices and insults.   I am prone to just go ahead and take things personally.

I’ve had a good time titling my paintings.

The titles are Your Bomb/Your TV and Your Bomb/Bikini Bomb/Dad Said The Atom Bomb Made Me/My Bomb Loves Your Bomb/My Bomb and Your Bomb Sitting by the Fire/Easter Bomb Hunt, and another behind the big one on the mantle that I can’t remember the name of and won’t see because the painting infront of it is too heavy for me to move right now.

I got another piece of steel and the next painting that I will attempt to cheer myself up making will be titled More Bombs To Come.

Obviously I am depressed because I feel like I and the rest of us are running out of time.

I wrote a will at the beginning of my depression.

I’ve been told my Business Plan is confusing, so I hope my will is not too confusing.   I suspect there are laws that will jump on it and tear it apart and that it is just some sort of excersize of imagined honor.

You give up your Bomb & I’ll give up my Bomb would be a hard painting to make.

Sometimes in order to stay married I go deaf and dumb.

There is a bomb in the room and it ought not be set off.

What sort of uniform would you expect The Bomb Police to wear?

Really if I can’t have a bomb, you ought not have one.

The police have guns, and I have a little one myself.

Obviously Iran cannot get as big a bomb as the US and France and China.

Americans should be happy that they have better bombs than other countries, right?

Since it is important for a Nation to be formed and founded that it conduct a war Transcendia really ought to declare war on all the nations that have Nuclear Weapons and kill people and take their bombs and somehow dispose of them.

I guess you could take the bombs apart and build reactors with them.

How’s that for a war plan?

                                                    Love, Russell Scott Day   

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