Damn, I Had a few Girls like that.

The Movie Star Life:

I wanted to have the life of a Movie Star.

I wrote it on a board I put inside a wall.

Looks like I got that life.

Weird, is all I’ve really got to say.

These girls are difficult.

Junkies that act and buy airplanes and turn into pilots,

Ambassadors no less.

Sean Penn knows all about it all apparently.

Sometimes he directs.

"I want to live like a Movie Star." is what I wrote with a pencil on a board I put inside a wall in the Pole Barn room I built out of old wood.

Now that I read of Brad Pitt’s heartbreaks and all like that over his baby and his name and all like that I know I had a life and ought to be dead.

Those girls are difficult.

It’s enough to send Sean Penn out in a boat during a flood.

Vacations get strange when you love disasters for relief.

Damn I’ve had some good girls.

They wanted their Grandmother to approve of every contract.


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