The Stripper & the Ballerina

The Stripper & the Ballerina

    I’ve been looking into founding a business where I live which is a bedroom community for the University, or Universities and Raleigh and RTP, and has no industry other than construction to speak of.

      Apparently a Strip Joint or making a movie or tv show is more viable and would be more profitable than something else I have a plan for.

      I am reminded of a woman who took minimum wage sorts of jobs and followed up on computer offers of riches from working at home who reported her best pay of 15 an hour was for nude modeling.

      Since I have known strippers and ballerinas and like the ballet near as much as watching strippers and even knew a stripper who was a ballerina other times of the week, I have long imagined a movie about a friendship between a ballerina and a stripper.

      What I might do is make the movie and see if the set survives.


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