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Common Knowledge,

      And Common Sense are not the same thing.   It is surprising if you know about something how much of what you read about it is wrong.

     Do not believe everything you read, or hear, even from me, for I have been wrong about the truth because I believed what I was told or read before I experienced it.

      What would you do if you were spit on?

      The Islamist are reacting to the cartoons of Mohammed as I might if I was spit on.

      The fact is I have been cartooned and I did not punch the guy that made the cartoon, but took it from him, and have it in my briefcase which contains things to first look at when I am dead or if I get killed tomorrow without notice.

       I think I have been civilized and this is sort of equivalent to a pocket veto.

       I just said, "That’s very good, may I have it?"

       Actually I found it very insulting as a distortion of my ideology, but I knew he was after a girl I liked and had done his best to make me uglier than himself.

       He was a Chiropracter, and I was a writer writing my first novel at the time.

       It turned out to be a novella, and I can’t find it in the house since the last move.

       Really cartoons can hurt.   I understand that.

       But if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out.

       I actually am a cartoonist of some merit, and you can look at Daddy Drives a Taxi on my website for the evidence of my ablity to do that sort of work.

      The best resolution all around would be Cartoon Wars.

       Let the newspapers of all faiths and ideology fight it out in Cartoon Land, and let the rest of us be educated and entertained enough to live in peace with the ablity to buy the papers.

                                               Love, Russell


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