Death Just Around the Corner, Fight On! And Don’t go for Yosemite.

Living in NC for me is a mixed bag. One man said that NC was in its third episode of Rip Van Wrinkleness. Change is not much interested in. Change would be represented by justice.
It is apparent to all that the continuation of the Drug War is an injustice. People still get arrested for it, the use of a drug to get high on which has little to no ill effects.
Being a victim of the Drug, is being arrested, and persecuted by corporations that won’t hire those who got caught, or those with pot in their piss.
It is not a drug that inspires people to commit violence. The price paid in fines and the ruination of careers is tolerated by all for what choice do they have?
Rioting about it has sort of happened in that in Baltimore the police probably hoped to find some drugs on Freddie Gray. Instead of drugs, or even a gun, they found a pocket knife. It is legal for the police to carry a knife that shoots the blade out at the touch of the trigger.
I once proposed that the police ought not be able to carry any weapons any other citizen can carry. Back when I was young the Black Panthers got so tired of it all that in anger they were for ambushing and murder of the police. There are people all over the country who are more willing than ever to murder police.
While people are emotional, they are emotional to the extremes when there are rational reasons for their emotional responses.
Home of the brave?
It is brave to resist when you know you will be beat. I am ground down by the years. My spirit is damaged by all the hatred and anger and lies. I strive to confirm in my art Strength Wisdom Beauty and Humor.
There is less and less and less cause for humor because I am diminish and weakened physically. I suffer for the mental landscape is angry and mean.
As a conceptual artist who has seriously studied the world and the politics of it all, I see ways out, and speak of them, and write of them.
I joined the Democratic Party Precinct of Town Hall, and am the Vice Chair. Poetry has its forms, and then there was the form I filled out for the Kenan Institute of Art, and I have created some significant forms for Transcendia, and the form questionnaire I created for my invention business method, and now I am learning how to write “Resolutions”.
I’m tired.
I’ve paid all the dues I need to pay. It is only the presentation of more hurdles to jump and all that, submission to condescending remarks, and requests for vetting from the academics.
What choice do I really have?
10 years, 20, will go by in the blink of an eye. If tomorrow I didn’t wake up, it wouldn’t be that surprising. So I am saddened that I’ve nothing but this to do, write.
I have offered ways out of the quandaries that are roiling on fronts of finance and economics as the dominant energy source that has got to be abandoned for what is clean and available is installed.
Engineers know what to do to make the tides give us great wealth of electricity. Engineers have put together with chemists and physicists ways to get us all the energy we would ever need.
I do wish in the state I live people with power accepted what the engineers offer, as I offer what I know and have invented on the fronts of governance and currency.
Great leaders pay attention to what their engineers tell them, for they know that the engineers do know the truth.
I could not vote for Hagan because she ignored the engineering offered out of NC State to address the need to change our sources of energy.
I used to be a Godwin anarchist, but all that is left of that is the recognition of Education and Defense as what a nation is supposed to give its people.
So it is a big deal for me to even attempt to influence the Democratic Party.
I know I must be strong and not vomit.

Okay, Enough of that. I do not at all recommend you put Yosemite in your fine computer. It is some lousy software of an operating system unworthy of the hardware. I may well have lost a good deal of work that I did over the twelve days I attempted to work with Yosemite. I advise Apple to just immediately withdraw the operating system. It will do nothing but buttress the belief that Apple is degenerating. Photos is simply not at all superior to I Photo even. The reputation for Mac and Apple was based on its great potential to enable the graphic artist, and the movie maker, and the photographer. I can do better work with Canva faster than ever I could get out of Pages. Aperture didn’t look much at all better than I Photo. And I Movie, and Final Cut Pro, they have never been compatible with my brain. I got a little going with Boinx. It is inexpensive but not made to do more than you paid for. I hear in the end the old standby Avid is the best for things I need to accomplish before I die. I am poor, so I can’t buy it. You tube is a great thing, and we can say it is a bright spot in the google world that is about a delusion of power in G plus. Facebook, yeah, I am down to family and a few others. There are strangers. My Founders Page would have caught on if it had been left to be as good as when it was rolled out. I had a nice magazine going there for awhile. Then it was improved, and then they wanted me to pay for it, after it was wreckage compared to what it was when it was rolled out and I jumped on it.
I am glad of this WordPress option, but understand I have few, if any readers. I was once big in China with Transcendia War Commentary on Popwars. I did have a terrific conflict somehow with the administrators of CR4 from which I still have some friends, but was banned for using appropriate curses in a compliment of the former administration. The thinkers of IHS are in on oil, and it is too bad. The free intelligence from Jane’s and IHS I get is superior, but they have oil to advance because it is reliable in their crowd of subscribers. Besides that CR4 could be useful to spies. I appreciated it to learn that it was an engineer that wrote Roberts Rules of Order. There was the justification for my leadership in opposition to the installed administration that closed my friends discussion of Can We Make A Better Government. Making a system of government isn’t out of the discipline of engineering, proved right there by the parliamentary procedure handbook, again, created by an Engineer, Named Robert, or Roberts. I know but I can’t remember every single detail. But don’t get Yosemite. It will make your machine run hot, which kills your machine.

Decorative Bar Poster of Audie

Audie Murphy movie poster collaged in The Station.

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