Stop and Frisk

What do the police mostly stop and frisk people looking for, but pot or cocaine. These two drugs are the most commonly used. Young people out walking around may have a joint of two on them. It is the War on Drugs and that is how it is conducted.

Now in many states the discovery of some pot on a person means an arrest, and possibly jail, and likely a fine, or the expense of an attorney.

For the poor kids in lousy neighborhoods the search for some pot and loud music in the best off kids car while searching for girls may be what dark nights are all about.

The cops get to stop them and interrogate them and if they find some pot, the night or weeks or years can be ruined.

They resent the vulnerability. None of it makes much sense. They weren’t hurting anybody. They get hurt from attempting to just have a good time.

It is not like a good time is all getting together in a car, or on the corner, and conducting deep breathing exercises.

I hazard a guess that more people are arrested for having some pot than anything else.

The only reason that pot is illegal is that beatniks were hated by squares. Hippies came later and as both sets were non conformists the authorities wanted every power possible at hand so as to be able to arrest them.

That way the authorities can punish them for not being right. Young Black boys on the streets just walking around looking for a dance or a loud sound system and some girls and grab ass, find out they are vulnerable, but were vulnerable anyway.

Ending the Drug War, or War on Drugs would stop the excuses that cops have and use for stopping and frisking young people whose main mission is hedonistic at that time of their lives.

Old hippies have just tired of the arguments and cut their hair, or let the gray show and just stay out of the way.

I can find crap in the same vein I’ve written on paper over and over year after year, decade after decade, and still pot isn’t really legal and is the excuse for cutting anyone with it found in their piss out of the labor pool except if they become academics or work for others who might smoke it themselves.

Sentences and fines are never really so much as to inspire the murder of the police, or judges, or legislators.

If you really want to reduce societal friction on the streets ending the War on Drugs is a great deal of the answer.

It has been a long time since I was out walking around in the night. When I was younger I did it often. I had then long hair which was to show that I was of the counter culture, anti war, and in sympathy with Blacks suffering from discrimination. I was in agreement with the Civil Rights Movement.

It was assumed by persons such as myself that everyone ought have equal rights. We often agreed further that women ought not be forced to have babies they didn’t want.

I myself expected girlfriends to use the pill. I broke up on the spot with a girl who was not using any birth control and having sex with me.
She said, when I belatedly asked about it, “I thought you didn’t care.”
I couldn’t even figure out what she meant.

Even if in fact an abortion was chosen by the woman of any fetus still in her body, or the sort with all tubes and whatnot capable of keeping the baby alive, as if it was simply fantastically premature, I allowed for it as murder, as even justifiable homicide if that is what they wanted.

Many of them presented it as a right of control of their body and what might happen in it. I allowed that it was their body. I would put myself in the place of a woman who didn’t want to have a baby and understand it as their right of control of their body. Period. Right. A right.

Rape and pregnancy as a result of the rape and the edict of some that the baby must be carried to term seemed to me to be asking quite a lot.

In the case of incest and pregnancy, that the baby must be born seems sick to me.

I don’t think that I was the only kid that ever found pot who pledged to only use it as preferable to alcohol. Still at parties there was always both, so it was found they went fairly well together. As youths we are interested in all the adult vices.
I wasn’t the only one determined not to kill myself till I’d had sex, and after that less depressed and suicidal in pursuit of the pleasures of women.

Hippies that were tolerant of gays and wanted to help Black people didn’t want to stay involved when so many of the Black people turned out to hate gay people. A red neck Black person is no more fun company than a red neck White person.

Then in theory they, us liberals and progressives still want Black people to have equal rights, but know that if they ever go alone into the slums and ghettos, they become targets for tough guy gangs that will run them down, beat them, and rob them. White progressives were homesteading in slums there for awhile, but since they were assumed to have riches because they were White, their homes would be targeted.

Dawn it was, said that Black people were racist too. Dawn was a Black girl I knew in the scholarship class I was in run by Urban Gateways. As the class was ending we were all offered scholarships to either go to NYC for 10 days, or go to summer school for six weeks.

By the end of the class there was on gay Black guy left, and myself White, and said to be Blacker than some Blacks Dawn knew, who would pronounce these things. The other White guy Dillon stopped going because he said he wasn’t accepted as a human being.

I wanted to stay away from North Carolina as long as I could and accepted the option of going to the school in Bloomfield Hills run by Cranbrook, which was the high school Mitt Romney went to. I had no idea. The kids were rich. I had a good time. I was confirmed as a writer and filmmaker and artist because it was the sort of thing that I was in the urban setting rewarded for.

Most of the life I’ve lived in NC has been a dead end.

For a dead end, at least the weather, flora and fauna, raggley as by the road it may be, is good.

In the sad wasted last decade of my strength, before disease overtook me, I did what I could from where I was to advance UNTV. I was digging a ditch when C-Span called, to whom I had been shunted by Time Warner when at the end and so they could say “No” to it.

Gore can’t get paid now by Al Jazzera for his “gates”, the same it is as an airline, far as assets. Those at the UN aren’t going to make a UN channel based on truth, since there are too many at and part of the UN who would be destroyed by the truth.

All the youthful training I got of most value in my adult life came out of the Boy Scouts. There I was taught to drive. I drove professionally as a, News Paper Route Manager, fuel truck driver of tanker trucks Taxi driver, and Lighting and Grip Truck driver.

I tried to build a photography business as I make good photographs and was some little trained in the community college. It was of some help when I ran the Lighting and Grip truck to the point were I became a gaffer. It was events beyond my control that really destroyed that prospect of any upwards right livelihood as Alan Watts spoke of and I believed in. At the height of my successes in gaining a tradesman’s skill, running a business, and also being versatile so much as to act to the level of where I tasted residuals from SAG requirements, I was still crushed by the Producers Lockout and starving and broke fled the city finally.

It was a shock to me to become low class. It was a shock to me to understand my life as that of any good Black who went to Community College, and found some surprise that destroyed him at every turn. Attempting to be the good modern husband and father who was divorced by the woman who just did it because I wasn’t warned before the marriage I was supposed to become an insurance salesman.

Now it is the ultimate irony that I learned enough to endorse insurance as a foundation for my currency.

But meantime, looking out on the world around me, I see that regardless of anything else wrong with the United States I live in, it is the Drug War that makes life for the most people the most needlessly miserable.

Postscript: I am aware that this is brain smatter. I left out the story of the Russians and the big Ilyshin. I’ll tell that story sometime, I promise.

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