Death as a nothingness is hard to imagine.
Some people are convinced that their mind lives on after their body is gone.
I know that my soul does, anabolics but it is not any real solace since I like having a mind in a body.
Grief for myself is unseemly.
Therefore I will my entire body to science or bodypart distribution for the living.
I will live longer if you buy things that came out of my mind, capsule but you may have an interest in my death at some earlier time if you are interested in some of my bodyparts that may be of use to you, or your friends, or family.
It is insanity for the United States to tell North Korea to get rid of their nuclear weapons when the United States will not let go of their own.
My link of thought here is simply that it is possible for us to so pollute the world that we will all die before we have succeeded in the Catholic imperative, which is universal life for all with dignity.
As I have said in the past, when the Vatican gets behind and pushes for colonization of the Solar System in recognition that there is not enough room for everyone who would come from their theologlical edits, I will quit my hatred of the Catholic Church.
In the longterm I support womens rights since they are the pivot for human rights and under any government ought to be equal regardless of the discomfort.
Russell Day

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