Important mistake on Passport Application 6/4

The address to send the Passport Application in incorrect since Nancy Alex & I moved.

It is now 301 Pleasant. Dr.  Carrboro, NC 27510.

cell number is 919-641-5612

home is 919-960-8446

As of today I was unable to edit and correct the address for sending the passport.

As of today my current project is to determine the international minimum wage through and end to off book accounting of the commons.

          So far my theory is that if you add up what a person needs same as you would for an electric circuit and look at the money as if it were amps, then figure out how much money within a nation or area it takes to run one person that amount would become the domestic minimum wage.

         Pooling of the determinations for each nation and economy need to then be calculated against the Commons that enables clean air and water as a standard that reflects maintainance costs so broadly as to inventory the planet (Earth).

         Reasources such as exist as real property, and intellectual property are all to be put on the books and accounted for and theft of intellectual property is to be regarded as seriously as theft of real property for the calculations to have meaning and pull us towards sucess.

         Multi National Corporations would be required to pay the International Minimum Wage as fair to all labor.    Life and real value in the pursuit of added value production are to be determined so as to protect the ablity of all workers to compete for work internationally fairly.

         This determination of the value of the commons, the value of the work, the value of the materials, and the value of the intellectual property must be enforcable through mechanisms of international law that nations must submit to as humbly as individuals must submit to laws of the nation they are citizens of.

          Unless the point that a Nations’ first responsiblity is for defense of its people, and that that defense is characterized as the ablity and freedom to work for a fair wage at the end of any hunter gatherer random impact on the commons is universally accepted by all nations and further wherever a void of civilian defense that enables such an ongoing event,  humanity will be in jeapordy unfitting its achievements of technology and philosophy.

       The point is that nothing can happen if it is not determined as a goal, and determining the International Minimum Wage is not going to happen unless it is a goal to determine.

        The Grants and Loans of the World Bank made according the the standard of enabling an International Minimum Wage to workers living in different circumstances, but sharing both need and potential, would help advance the concept.

                                                                                              Love, Russell




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