The Attack of September llth 2001 was primarily on New York City and Washington DC.
As a Pro Active Civil Demonstration it would devastate Fundamentalist Muslims if all of the Police of Bagdad where exchanged for all of the Police of New York City.
Further it would devastate Fundamentalists of Islam if the Army defending Washington DC was hired in Iraq.
I wonder if Iraq is actually interested in hiring Blackwater Security, bronchi or agents recommended by Halliburtion.
The Taxi Drivers in Manhattan come from about everywhere, view and when I was going through my divorce I drove a cab in Rochester New York.
When my number in the Draft Lottery was to come up I was in Toronto in Rochdale College working as Security and putting out a newspaper every week called Ghetto News.
I quit doing acid after I hijacked a guy in the Toronto Suburbs and convinced him to drive me to within three blocks of Rochdale College.
I would love to hear his recount of the event.
I told him he was my friend for life as I got out of his car.
LSD is a powerful drug.
I wish I had some hashish.
If you run and swim and go to the sauna you will do as well for your mind as you might from some of the hashish I have smoked that came from Afganistan and Lebanon.
In all the time that I was Security in Rochdale I never carried a gun and only had keys to all the apartments in the building.
The time I needed a gun the guys I needed the gun about were friends with the guys that had the guns.
The entire event was disturbing and recommends that you have your own guns in addition to keys and have as well a set of ajudicators who are gritty and armed or backed up by friends of the court because of their wisdom and humor.
I think that it is important, overall, that people in Iraq stop killing each other and the occupiers.
Since there is supposedly a soveign government in Iraq with internationally recognized ownership of the assets of their territory, and that asset is oil, which has been going up in price, but is not renewable, it would seem to me that if the United States withdrew in mass from Iraq, Iraq would continue to sell oil on the International market.
If the Oil minister who was one way or another empowered to sell the oil of Iraq was a free woman she might be able to set a sensible price if she was very well protected by the World Bank who ought to be able to hire well directed and ultimately armed mercenaries.
For Transcendian purposes it is important that the commons indicated by air and water be on the books for accounting by the World Bank to establish a benchmark of value of the commons and the individual draws that are righteous.
Fair is the other word for righteous.
The Police are to keep the peace.
The Army is to win a war.
There is little hope for mankind right now.
Certain truths that have no connection to constructs of belief are necessary to be codified in powerful insitutions and personalities with character if our children are to get from us what God gave us as a gift.
We need to build defensive systems that counter the rocks that the Devil sends as a bill for our sin, which is finally that we do not love ourselves and consider ourselves as having the space to luxuriate in with institutionilized murder, which is another name for war.
Today -Russell

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