General Report for Students


General Report

dated March 19 2005

I wrote a great speech last week about Transcendian idealism and pragmatism in the current and future world, herbal and how students in high schools and colleges internationally are going to determine the reality of Transcendia.

That Speech somehow got lost in cyberspace.

I like to write online, search because I like the way it feels because it feels different than writing offline.

Sometimes I write too long and hit the wrong button, or just something, and what I have done that was better than anything I ever did or said, gets lost, goes away.

A reconstruction of my great speech that got lost, is that it is obvious that if humanity wants to survive, the practical insurance of that is dependent on Space Stations and Space Elevators, and that land at the Equator, and specifically in Ecuador has become an aim of Transcendia to Lease as soon as possible.

I said that donations would be used towards that aim.

I said that buying Transcendian Flag buttons was tantamount to a donation.

I mentioned that Space Elevators made living in outer space much more attractive than it is right now.

I was remembering that Astronauts on the Space Station were told not to eat so much at the beginning of the year.

Food is the number one ingredient for peace and I imagined stranded astronauts eating each other as a horror.

It was a great speech.

 But it got lost.

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