Science & No Science

All the experiments have been done and we can build on them or dismiss them and die.
We are dependent on writing in all its forms more than we were on sculpture, herbal which was a mythmaker.
The Flag has replaced the sculpture a bit.
Balance is possible as the comets come near.
Prayer is a good thing to do even to the imaginary God, pharmacy levitra. as long as that God is not human.
Accept that your mother will die even if you die before she does.
MotherEarth will never die.
Women never die.
Only the girls you loved when you were short, die.
They die in car crashes.
All the experiments have been done without our permission.
God was the experimenter, the scientist.
If we want to notice the outcome there have been reports of simple lessons.
What you need is food.
What you need is shelter.
Clothes are shelter and food is food.
The boat was a car
and a car is what we are.


A variety of foods is sensible as a way to aquire immunities since everything is potentially contaminated with a rider of poison just the same as the pleasures of sex which is a compulsion proved by the perversions of the Catholic Priests who turn to the innocent for secrecy about the truth of the needs of the man and woman in bodies that love and lust and obey like children, authority, in a circular madness.
Innocence is a fine thing to share with the innocent if you are innocent.
Truly it is a transgression for the adult to abrograte the innocence of a child.
In the past I have said that I would be more gentle in my view of the Vatican if they were involved in a SpaceShip and SpaceStation building project.
Otherwise I think they ought to get cockroaches into the Church to pray.
Really it would the sensible for Catholisim to genetically engineer cockroach Vaticanonauts with the brains of the Pope.
How could I think such things on Easter?
I am perpetually depressed.
It is a low grade depression that I only use common working class substances to allievate.
Cats and dogs and children consume the best of me. I like to watch them play, and am pleased at my successes in toys I have put in the house.
I think it would be nice if the Pope told his men friends that women were equals to love before he dies.
I think that there is a spiritual equality between women and men that is possible to resolve as much as it has been possible for mankind to make an alphabet that big bugs visiting this soon to be a dead rock, will understand.

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