Guns Germs & Steel

Book Report
Guns Germs and Steel was brought home from the Library for me to read by my wife. My wife Nancy Alex does know by now what I need to know, apoplectic and what I like to read.
I like to think of History as a Science and see that it is possible to combine them as much as biology and chemistry are becoming combined these days.
The current state of Transcendia as a small tribe was delineated by the facts of human organizations as explained in the book.
My personal purpose for creating Transcendia was to prevent apocalyptic riot, salve or war, and apocalyptic riot is the modern form of war most threating as it was a threat that facilitated World War I.
The multipolar power balance is again installed with the new skew replicating the realities not because of backwardness, but because of the pressures of population.
Maintainence of the status quo, as it relates to the Bi Polar Power balance that worked during the early Nuclear Bomb Age would have only been a reality if Russia had become a State within the United States at the end of the Cold War.
If Russia had become a State of the United States the United Nations operational procedures would not require as much change for the Bi Polar Power Balance would have come to exist between the West and the East in a similar fashion as during the Cold War, in relation to China.
So,we now live in a time when political sciences applied due to the understanding of events in the past, as if they were experiments, is possible.
That means that according to the science of history, Transcendians must aim to secure the East West Equatorial regions because it turns out that control of these areas will insure the survival of the species, not because they are hospitable, but because they are best suited to the greatest machines we have made, or could make.
It has come to pass that food has become dependent on machines and they offer physical salvation pro-actively in conflict with an environment that is the real shared enemy of all of mankind and equivalent to the alien threat.
Transcendians do need to recognize that there does need to exist a universal federal entity that enforces international laws.
That invention up for reinvention is the United Nations.
Until the United Nations takes up the forcible elimanation of all weapons of mass destruction, such as Nuclear Weapons, we are insured of eventual violations of international law such as the aggressive use of nuclear weapons.
So it turns out that the United Nations must become an armed Umpire, and that Transcendia needs to ignore distractions and aim towards pragmatic scientific institution of principles gained by experience and unregulated experiments if it is to overcome the persistent belief that the rock we stand on is stable.

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