I am disgusted with national and international responses to the realities of Haiti.  It is a little nation that just goes on like some sort of cyst making dictatorships look as good as democracy in a world of chaos.  The politically correct line is "self determination" in a nation mired in stepped "light bright and near white" racism, order and corruption.

A world of shit is created because only the rich have deeds to where they live.

Retired presidents have power in Haiti, price given them by the UN.  So now Cholera breaks out?

It's pathetic.  I'm disgusted.

Reports say that clean water in Haiti is stolen and sold enriching thieves empowered by the corrupt.

After done with my study I determined that I wouldn't buy an airport in Haiti less I had an army that would kill over the letter of contract.

I also determined that the population was at least twice what was sustainable no matter what, after looking at the history of Ireland.

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