Roberts Rules of Order

Roberts Rules of Order/New Business


At least I write about 750 words everyday.  Some compositions are more serious than others.  The three minute commentary is ideal.  When I did some radio commentary it was limited by the station to 90 seconds.  This limit caused me to time commentaries by Daniel Schoor which ran to 2 minutes and 90 seconds.  Think about that.

Anyway people in serious business have meetings where they decide things.  I was on Student Government, unhealthy and decided things.  Roberts Rules of Order worked.

I was Video Committee Chairman. I made TV shows, generic pills as Director, and spent money on TVs and programing and voted for other spends of the other departments.  The money came from fees.  My budget was entirely from fees whereas I think we made some money on concerts.  However we did not necessarily have to make money.  Some of  the point was to  use the budget to provide free to the students events and entertainments.

I believe we hired a singing pig once.

I did not spend money as part of the government of Rochdale.  There I was only paid for my work on Security keeping the peace.

I did not carry a gun.  I got in some fist fights. Speed Freaks are most dangerous.  At the time Toronto was very peaceful in reaction to US lack of peacefulness.

Still there were incidents.

So then if you don't pay Transcendian fees, you won't get Transcendian Television.

I do need here on a How to Fly a plane manual.

But back to the singing pig and Roberts Rules of Order.

We did not really pay the pig directly, but paid his minder.  It was a talented singing pig, but it was still a pig. 

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