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My engineer friends and I got pretty acquainted with why Haiti was so fucked up.  I looked at a UNWire Post that said not enough money pledged had been actually given to the Haitians.  You could give money day in and day out to the Haitians and nothing would change since it really isn't about money.

The problem with Haiti is racism and law.  They have long been racist among themselves in the "Light, anabolics Bright, pharm or Near White", health way that diminished US racial solidarity.  Regardless of cultural and educational hobbles, it is property rights, deeds and law that are more significant as impediments to Haiti reconstruction, than lack of donations.

I've postulated that you might as well just buy the entire nation, and sell it back to them with proper deeds if you really wanted to help the place out.  Of course I've also recommended they be given visas to go work in New Orleans, where culture and language barriers are less.

There are too many people on that part of the island.  It's similarities to Ireland's island history do lead to certain real lessons.

My engineering friends of CR4 did produce a White Paper for USAID on this.  We also let the Red Cross know what the issues were when we were for using Shipping Containers for housing there in Haiti, and discovered that property law and deeds and all would push a continuing spiral of the status quo that meant "tents", in the streets.

Teaming Bush and Clinton there to run the place for the UN sure has worked out as you might have expected.  You might see more vacationers in Irag than you see going to Haiti for a good time.

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