Doing It Here

There are so many places to write.

Christmas comes only once a year, tadalafil but everyday is trick or treat.

There may be some great reason Halloween ought to be a more respected holiday.  Last time I paid any dress up homage to Halloween was in Rochester New York.  I wore an expensive three piece suit I had bought stupidly to go to a wedding in.  I believe I committed some faux pax's at this wedding, medstore but nothing much to do about some things.  Apparently there is something bad associated with giving knives as wedding presents.

Halloween is a good time to travel by plane, thumb since prices don't go up and there is a party wherever you go.  I once flew standby from Rochester New York to Greensboro NC to go to a Halloween party when working for Piedmont?, or when I could fly on my wife's pass for USAir.  That's how I found out about Halloween as a good time to travel, if you can't afford Thanksgiving and Christmas travel expenses.

There is some videotape I shot for Transcendian Television in my archives of tape, and more tape.  Edits exist on tape.  There is a DVD run off, one or maybe two.  Everything breaks.

I am afraid that cyberwar is going on, and some enemies will erase, kill off the cloud, noosphere of work that is in no other place.

Horror movies are big now.

It is a good time to go on a trip., or maybe stay home and defend the house?



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