Full Fledged Transcendian Things to Do

The Life of the Mind, ampoule as a classical value redeeming some thingy collection of things, and wealth, has been what I have had.  Lionel Douglas Vice President, and President of Rochdale College said I was a barometer, and he had pretty good judgement.  I wish he'd not been killed in a motorcycle accident.  You can't replace people.

The Presidential administration of Grant illustrated how much success does depend on certain friends.  It is postulated that Grant's presidential work would have been superior if those who had been with him through the war, had not died.  I have long missed my father too.

I want to know why I live where I live more fully sometimes, and not have regrets.  Now that I can hardly walk any distance, and it is a victory to stand up all of a working day, I love where I am since it is not all that cold.  I have trouble getting my socks on, and gloves are a real problem since when working in the cold I've typically had to put them on and take them off often.  I have another problem in that most all my joints hurt and are now weak so that if I use the cane, its not like my arm sockets are all that much better than my legs.

Still if I drink some beer sitting down at the keyboard, my fingers till work, and there are sometimes I don't hurt so much.  I remember feeling good about myself and dancing with a boom box.  There have been things I did caused by what I knew and felt and from whence I came that make me as irreplacible as my lost friends.

Over all goal has been to prevent Apocalyptic Riot, and See people from outerspace.

– I am a product of my times.  Atom Bombs, and Outerspace, and Vietnam were what we decided things for ourselves when I was coming up.  Daddy had been in the war and it fucked him up some.  He had wanted to be a Priest, but combat and killing set him back from that.  Eventually he did become ordained as an Episcopal Priest.  Still mostly his successes are secrets between himself and the actors he directed for Community Theater.  I think he loved the Theater.

He wanted me to be a writer, and not a pilot.

If I was going to be a writer I wanted to write a book for the Bible.  I can fly a plane.

At anyrate to be a full fledged Transcendian who had done some things that teach something fun to know, those who build and launch message rockets are more Transcendian than those who haven't.  Those who throw the I Ching for a reading, and also read the New Testament reading for the day, are more Transcendian, than those that haven't.

Far as the vision, if you want one of your own, I suggest living a period of boredom and bliss within a series of working days in a long row.

I had that experience and it produced a vision that has produced all that I am as an embodied idea as enough.  

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