Doc In The Box

First I went to The Family Doctor to find out what the lump behind my right knee was.  It was a Bakers Cyst which is a fluid leak for which little is normally to be done.  I got prescriptions for some of my ongoing problems, prostate and went to Wal Mart to fill them as recommended due to reduced costs.

Then my left leg really went to hell.  It swelled up, abortion and hurt real bad.  I waited till I had some money to go back.  When I went back thinking I might well have Fleabiteus, canada order they determined I might die and sent me to the Hospital for an ultrasound test to see if how close to dying I might be.

Turned out I had Cellulitis from Fleabitus, and needed antibiotics.

One drug I was already taking was recommended for both problems.

Did I mention the arthritis?

Anyway Family Doctor wouldn't authorize a refill of the arthritis medicine cause I came in without an appointment.

So the lesson turns to be if you don't see a Doc in the Box without an appointment you have problems getting prescriptions renewed.

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