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Got a note from WL Literary Agency saying that they had made contacts in China.  Chollywood wants Screen Plays acceptable to the censored buyers intent on creating an internal market for Chinese films.  I did work on some Hong Kong Kung Fu movie titled We'll Take Manhattan that I would like to see.

The Agency did not sell my Jet Beach screen play, purchase and I spent with them at least 500 bucks for reading fees and what not.  I'd fired an agent for crack smoking.  The online agency was best I could get from where I was.  They want some more money for expenses.

I'm not giving them anymore money.

There is an idea for a movie in my mind archives that could transcend the propaganda Chinese producers of films have.

That idea for which I have written little is the story of the ignorant neophyte who becomes pet boy to the airport builders in an African jungle.  He goes on to become a spaceship pilot.  It is an inspiring story of success by happenstance and character and personality.

Machines will be very much characters in the movie.  The Band boy shall in the opening scene see the Bulldozer as if it was a living monster pushing the jungle into the shape of an airport.   From then on his life is transformed from ignorant savage to tech savvy pilot of any flying machine.

Stranger things have happened.

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