Speech Draft 1

My failure as the chief political Founder and figure is that I have not given enough speeches.  So I have made a deal to pay for the filming of a speech to be posted to Youtube, ask at least, look with a box of art.  At this stage it is the equivalent of printing money that has intrinsic value similar to gold.  It has been more than once people have said I'll be appreciated after I am dead to the point faking my death was attractive as a marketing ploy.  Course I feel death coming soon enough so as not wanting to tempt fate, and mess around with it.  If only the doctors would give me a three week supply of valium.  I think they are afraid I'll become addicted to valium.

Oh to be good in all ones personal habits!  Bout all I can do is try and protect my integrity, and maintain or improve my Boy Scout character.  I one time told my daughter that she had a right to her secrets.  I think I went on to say that you cannot be who you really want to be without keeping a few things to yourself.

While this reality is true, and good advice it threatens cash in a world of constant universal war.  Paper money is such a common and used work of conceptual art not backed up by gold, that I think we take it for granted.  Due to the nature of a nation of airports for which security and defense must be greater than at any other ports, cash must be limited.  Passports must also be limited.

As it is not a born into nation, to be joined, for the core of initial citizens, vetting shall be required, and the available passport on the Transcendia wiki, shall not really be good without my signature, or that of Garth Hoyman, or my wife.  In other words some snail mail shall be required.

All righty then, I have just jumped into it, the issues I'm worried about, starting with money.  In aviation and movie making the joke is the same:  What does it take to make an airplane fly?   – The answer is money.   The answer to what's it take to make a movie, is also money.

Money for what?  Well, in general, my goal is to do as much good as Hitler did bad.  My specific way of working to maybe do that is to create a nation of airports and spaceports.  I am way cut back on my love of outerspace as a evacuation destination and am more for at this time near earth operations.  We do need a planet defense system.  Asteroid mining may not be as outlandish as it sounds, and if it enhances our, and I mean "our" defense capabilities to do such things, then I am for it.  People do more things for money, than about most anything else.  Anyway it sure seems that way.

The most dangerous people do all they do for some ideology or maybe more bad things for theology, though it would appear mixing the two as did Hitler, is a pretty powerful combination.  We can see ideologies and theology fearfully in conflict now in this time of general war on every block.  Don't think for a minute that the imprisonments theft and violence on every block and in every neighborhood is better because it is a Drug War, than a war over oil and ideology, and theology in Iraq, or Afghanistan.

For the US they say they are conducting two wars, when really it is three.  Don't face it!

Come on, Face it!  A nation cannot afford three front wars.

I really want to fund an impartial panel of doctors to find out the bottom line as far as how long from joint to joystick they would certify as safe for pilots.  In my judgement if it is to be legal, we need to know this sort of thing to help end the drug war.

The Drug War really ought to be an easy one to end when you consider the past few presidents of the United States, and their records, or confessions, or lies.  Many an inmate can say Obama, Clinton and Bush got away with it.  I'll never be president cause I got caught.

I got caught once with a little pot and a 38 Brazilian made revolver.   Yeah, I had the revolver in the glove compartment.  When the blue lights went off I didn't feel comfortable reaching for my gun.  Was when I was opening the glove compartment for some papers I told the cop there was a gun in there.  Leaving a gun around in plain sight in a car is not a great idea in my opinion.  However the law in NC is that you are supposed to.   It is the opposite in SC.

I'm not going to go on and on about guns.[p]

However I must go on and on about what a good thing it would be if we had an international nation of confederated airports.

I'm willing to make a fool of myself to raise the money to do such a thing.

It will be a big and expensive thing to do.

Help, I need Help! 

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