Internal To Mexico, The US, And Canada

The economy of Transcendia will be dependent on fees, allergist starting with landing fees for the simple fact that a transient may never come back.

It was a shock to me that led to a few hours in jail that registration of your car, doctor or motorcycle costs like 450 dollars in Fort Lauderdale.  I forget exactly how things went down now after 15 years?  Think I sold the truck and only rode the motorcycle and crossed some railroad tracks before the thingy went up, which is legal for cops after the train passes, but illegal for the regular rider.

Had to have my boss bail me out before I was to be put in County for at least overnight.  Overall not fun at all.  It is good to have employers that will come to get you out of jail.  It is a tough man that has no fear of jail for ideological reasons.  Genet is supposedly an existentialist writer.  It is interesting that he was pardoned by the French government.  I have legal issues in New York State I need to put to rest, and for which I need rescue.

I am a strong supporter of Andre` Lewin's Points for Reinvention of the UN.  Who knows, maybe France will bail me out.  My US passport is expired, but I can't get it renewed until this 9 grand ex wife problem is paid off.  I sort of like the UK law about how if a guy marries a woman with children, the first husband is released from payments to the wife or children.   I really enjoy my daughters company and have had a room for her since I got married and settled down.

It's a long story I forget some of as time marches on.  Too bad that even though I am a writer, I didn't keep a diary.  Too bad too that I didn't employ continuously an accountant.  Oh well.  I'll be dead soon enough.

How about Mexico!  I look at it as a great place to get dental care at affordable prices.  Dental care is my main reason for wanting to visit Mexico, though I do like to smoke pot.  If pot is so addictive how come it has no market share greater than alcohol, and tobacco?

Anyway fair fees are required for Transcendian success.  And what's up with the school systems in Florida?  Quality of life is dependent on good company, and living with a bunch of dumbass ignorant people is a downer.  You do really need to spend money on education just so you have more interesting people around to talk to.

Fees of Transcendia ought to be spent first on education for all known realities necessary for survival.  This will insure the effective defense of the nation.

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