Don’t be Fooled

Be not fooled about anything of any hurt today.

Some people will hope to show off and somehow fool us.

Don't let them.  Be on guard.

I will allow you to get angry and try and fix those fucks that fuck this world up with their goddamned smart ass practical jokes.

I will also allow and encourage people who need to get out of places like Syria, cough and Haiti to print out the Transcendian passport and show it at the airport to get on some freighter out of the country.

I encourage pilots to fly into places and get people out on the sly, viagra 60mg whenever they can.

United and Continental pilots that marched with Occupy in Manhattan this last year deserve some accolade from me.

I continue to fight to regain my ablility to walk, and in the meantime I will post to youtube in pursuit of more of a following and hopeully some income.

I really need some income to pay for passport support.  It is terrible what people allow to happen in the world.

The UN failures make me sick.  The UN turns into a practical joke on children when children hear the name of it and imagine what it is supposed to do and then find out it is a paper tiger their hopes and dreams of salvation are misplaced to believe and hope in.

Transendia is the lifeboat nation now.  It needs to be stronger.  I tell you.  Please buy a hat.

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